Fly Tying: Purchasing Dry Fly Materials

Fly fishing with dry flies is one of my favorite aspects of fly fishing, yet selecting the materials to tie those patterns is extremely complicated. This video is intended to help the beginner to intermediate fly tyer select quality materials to build or enhance a fly tying collection. The materials discussed in this video are ones that I find essential to tying dry flies, hence their recommendation to others.

The recommended materials (optional ones listed with an asterisk):

Hackle: Necks of grizzly, cream/ginger, and dun (preference given to barred colors)
CDC: Natural color
Coastal Deer Hair – Natural color
*Snowshoe Rabbit Feet – Dun color
*Coastal Deer Hair – Dyed black
Antron/Zelon Fibers – Dun and Hi-visibility (pink) colors
*Wood Duck Flank Feathers
*Calf Body Hair
Peacock Herl
Dubbing: Tan, pale yellow, Adams gray, olive, and rusty colors
*Dubbing Pack of multiple colors
*Turkey Quills
*Microfibetts – Light dun, dark dun, Light Cahill, and orange colors
*Coq de Leon
6/0 thread – Light Cahill, tan, and Adams gray colors
Daiichi 1110 Hooks – 50 of sizes 12, 14, & 16 and 25 of sizes 10, 18, & 20

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