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9lb 12oz Giant Clown Knife Fish. Canal Bass Fishing Florida Day 3

9lb 12oz Giant Clown Knife Fish

Florida Fishing Day 3 for my spring break canal fishing Boynton Beach Florida for Largemouth Bass, and Peacock Bass I connect with a lot of Largemouth bass on Varioua Lures Listed below. largemouth Bass were in Pre-spawn, Spawning, and post-spawn. I did not catch any Peacock bass but as an added Bonus I hook a 9lb 12oz Clown Knife Fish ...

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Big Mouth Bass Fishing – Three Tips For Big Bass

BIG Mouth Bass Fishing Plus Catching A Fresh Water SNOOK South

Big mouth bass fishing is a great sport. Spending a day out on the lake catching fish can be exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Your stress melts away as you reel in the big fish…but what happens if you aren’t catching anything at all? You start feeling anxious and frustrated and you just want to go home. ...

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